Crepe paper flowers as a study of beauty
& an expression of gratitude

These flowers come in a spectrum of peonies, roses, hibiscuses, gladioluses, daises, tulips and more on custom requests.

I make flowers for every occasion, for Mother's Day, birthdays, weddings, funerals or to simply gift someone in mind something.

You have the choice of purchasing the flowers in any variety from

a single stalk, a bouquet, wreath, boutonnières, corsages...


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I started making paper flowers in June 2017 as door gifts to guests for my wedding. As a newly married couple saddled with new stresses like having a mortgage, making the flowers myself was also economical for decorating the empty rented venue. Eventually, I made about 300 flowers for my wedding- Peonies, Hibiscuses, Roses, Tulips and a ton of leaves.

Currently as I write this in August 2018, I continue to make paper flowers as a break from my existing artworks and have since undertook commissions for various occasions. Personally, the process of making paper flowers is a study of beauty (from observing plants) and an expression of gratitude. 

Works by Questal Tay. All images copyright ©2019 Questal Tay